Call three of each of the following: those you DO business with now; those you USED to but no longer do business with, and those you have NEVER done business with. As them all “WHY do you/ did you/ never have done business with me?” DO NOT give them the third degree- this is a casual friendly conversation designed to get them to open up and share.

What did you learn?  Are you showing empathy for your client?  Are you providing them with the information they need?  Are you engaging them? How can you provide value at a low cost?

Call THREE to FIVE of your competitors, and pose as a potential customer. Ask them what they do, how they do it, why they are different or better and WHY you should give them your business. The answers- both good and bad- will surprise you.

Does you competitor show empathy for their client?  Are they engaging?  Do they provide you with helpful information?  Do they provide high value for a low cost?

A Fun Exercise for All You Business Owners
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