1.       You were born to be a winner, it is about you thinking and believing it….remember it is not easy

2.       If you QUIT, you will not feel good about yourself and others

3.       If you QUIT, it becomes a HABIT…and not a very good HABIT

4.       When you QUIT, you will find relief, but you will experience regression (JAMES 4)

5.       When you QUIT, you allow the devil to get the glory (HEBREWS 12:3)

6.       You’ve come too far to go backwards….and this is in business and LIFE overall!

7.       You cause others to GIVE UP and lose respect for you (JAMES 5:10)

8.       You should not QUIT because your future is still unfolding….it is not over yet!

9.       You need to STOP and reason with yourself, and not react!

10.   You might feel alone, but you are not alone!

11.   You can endure more than you think!

12.   GOD loves you and wants you to have the best (for you and others)

12 reasons why people should not QUIT: